CBA Publishes Booklet on OCD

The Consignors and Commercial Breeders Association (CBA) has published "OCDs in Sale Horses," its second in a series of educational booklets.

OCD (osteochondritis dissecans) is a lesion that occurs when the cartilage surface of a growing long bone or joint fails to develop properly. According to the booklet, OCD lesions "typically go away with time or treatment" and "generally will have no effect on the racing potential and the performance of the equine athlete."

Frank Mitchell, a pedigree, mating and conformation consultant, is the publication's author. The booklet identifies the common sites of OCD lesions, provides a list of horses with OCD lesions that became successful runners, defines terms associated with the condition, and includes an interview with Dr. Jeffrey T. Berk, a member of the American Association of Equine Practitioners board.

The booklet will be available at the Keeneland September yearling sale, which begins on Sept. 11, and it can be viewed on the CBA's Web site

The CBA's first booklet in the series (known as "Vet Work -- Plain and Simple") was on endoscopic examinations.