Woodbine Launches Trakus Wireless System

Edited Woodbine release

With the addition of a revolutionary wireless tracking system developed by Trakus, Woodbine Thoroughbred racing fans across North America can now precisely track each horse they are watching and wagering.

The system, which has been developed over several years by the Boston-based company, provides detailed information regarding the position and speed of every Thoroughbred running at Woodbine.

Improved television coverage is the immediate benefit for customers, but soon visitors to Woodbine's website will be able watch virtual reenactments of the races, and put themselves in the saddle of the winning horse or anywhere else on the track.

The tracking is accomplished with small trackside antennae mounted around the racetrack communicating with light weight radio transponders placed in the horses' saddlecloth pockets before each race.

The data collected on each horse can be used instantly for television displays, archived to the Web, or printed for later use by handicappers.

"This is yet another innovation embraced by Woodbine in our efforts to deliver the best experience and information to our customers," said Andrew Macdonald, Woodbine Entertainment's vice president of marketing and customer communications.

"Working closely with Woodbine as our first partner racetrack has been a great experience," said Bob McCarthy, president and CEO of Trakus. "Woodbine, with its multiple track surfaces, racing formats, and innovative production team, is a unique and ideal venue for showcasing our technology."

Trakus represents the latest in a series of innovations introduced by Woodbine Entertainment. On Aug. 30, Woodbine began racing on Polytrack, Canada's first synthetic racetrack, and last year the track launched the first legal wireless wagering system its country.

Woodbine Entertainment expects to use the Trakus system to enhance its harness racing coverage when harness racing returns to Woodbine from Mohawk Oct. 9.