Firm Turf Forecast at Churchill Downs

By Dick Downey

The turf at Churchill Downs on Breeders' Cup day should be firm--that is, if the long-range forecast holds up.

Sunny skies are forecast in Louisville for the rest of the week, except for Tuesday, when there's a 50% chance of thundershowers. With daily high temperatures in the 50's after that, John Asher at Churchill Downs reports that the turf should be "nice and firm" on Breeders' Cup day, barring a substantial change in the weather outlook.

Asher also reports that turf races will be held with the temporary rail at lane three, 22 feet off the hedge, through Thursday.

The high in Louisville for Breeders' Cup day has been upgraded from yesterday's forecast of 48 degrees to a pleasant 56.

Those planning on attending Breeders' Cup don't want any hurry-up of the weather systems now in place. Sunday's forecast calls for partly cloudy skies and only a 10% chance of rain.