Prado, Castellano to Ride in Japan Jockey Series

(from Japanese Racing Association)
Edgar Prado and Javier Castellano are to represent the United States in the 20th World Super Jockeys Series to be held Dec. 2-3 at Hanshin Racecourse.

Fourteen jockeys will compete in the event, the Japanese Racing Association announced. Prado will make his fifth appearance in the series – and fourth in a row – while Castellano makes his first visit to Japan.

Jockeys compete for points in four races over two days. The top prize of about $26,000 will be awarded to the winner, while second is worth about $17,300 and third about $8,600.

Here are the competitors:
USA – Edgar Prado
USA – Javier Castellano
France – Ioritz Mendizabal
Germany – Andreas Suborics
England – Ryan Moore
Australia – Darren Beadman
Australia – Craig Williams
Hong Kong – Douglas Whytes
JRA – Yutaka Take
JRA – Yasunari Iwata
JRA – Shinji Fujita
JRA – Eiji Nakadate
JRA – Norihiro Yokoyama
NAR – Kusuhiko Hamaguchi
(National Association of Racing)