Barbaro Update: 'Radiographs...Look Excellent'

Edited New Bolton release
Barbaro, winner of the Kentucky Derby Presented by Yum! Brands (gr. I), continues to improve following the removal of his right hind leg cast on Nov. 6, according to his medical team.

"Barbaro is steadily gaining strength on his right hind limb now that it is out of the cast," said Dr. Dean W. Richardson, chief of surgery at the New Bolton Center. "He is only wearing a very light cotton bandage on that leg and both walks and stands well on it."

Barbaro's lower right hind leg had been in a cast since surgery at Penn's George D. Widener Hospital following his accident at the Preakness Stakes (gr. I) on May 20.

"Radiographs of his fractured lower limb were taken yesterday and look excellent," said Richardson.

Barbaro's left hind foot, which had laminitis, continues to improve.

"The left hind foot is improving gradually and has a long way to go although his comfort on that foot remains surprisingly good," said Dr. Richardson. "Barbaro's attitude and appetite remain excellent, and he still takes short walks outside to graze each day if the weather permits."

The next update will be posted on Tuesday, Dec. 12, unless there is a significant change in Barbaro's condition.