Governor Ernie Fletcher authorizes breeder incentives.

Governor Ernie Fletcher authorizes breeder incentives.


Fletcher OKs Incentive Fund for Non-Race Breeds

Edited Press Release
Governor Ernie Fletcher signed an emergency regulation Dec. 15 to implement the Kentucky Horse Breeders' Incentive Fund, which will encourage and support excellence in non-race breeds in the commonwealth.

The fund was one of three created as a part of Governor Fletcher's "Jobs for Kentucky" initiative to aid in development of horse breeding and to secure Kentucky's standing as the industry leader. Other funds created as part of Jobs for Kentucky – the Kentucky Thoroughbred Breeders' Incentive Fund and the Kentucky Standardbred Breeders' Incentive Fund – were implemented earlier.

"Kentucky is synonymous with equine excellence, and the horse industry is indeed our signature industry," Governor Fletcher said. "We face aggressive competition from other states that have also instituted breeder incentive programs, but we are determined to remain the 'Horse Capital of the World.'"

The regulation was filed on an emergency basis so non-race breeders and owners could receive awards for 2006. The fund will distribute awards annually and the awards given in 2007 will be based on the performance of the horses in events that took place since January 2006.

"The American Quarter Horse Association salutes the Kentucky Legislature and the KHRA for their wisdom and foresight in fashioning an incentive program designed to maximize economic development within the Kentucky horse industry," said Bill Brewer, executive vice president of the American Quarter Horse Association.

The national organization representing each non-race breed desiring to participate in the fund certifies to KHRA the identity of the state affiliate representing that breed in Kentucky. Every two years there will be a registration period where new state affiliates may apply and participating affiliates can renew their application.

Organizations in Kentucky that have been identified by the KHRA and whose members qualify for participation in the fund for 2006 are:
Appaloosa Owners Association
Arabian Horse Association
South Central Hackney Association
Morgan Horse Association
Mountain Horse Association
Paint Horse Club
Paso Fino Horse Association
Quarter Horse Association
Saddlebred Owner and Breeders Association
Walking Horse Association