CHRB Files Medication Complaint Against Two Trainers

According to the California Horse Racing Board’s weekly update of complaints, accusations, stewards rulings, and Board decisions involving Class 1, 2, and 3 medication violations and other significant matters, the board has filed complaints against trainers John Sadler and Vladimir Cerin.

The CHRB filed a complaint against Sadler for violation of Rules 1843 (a) (d) and 1887 (a) after a horse in his care, Cat and a Half, which finished first in the first race at Hollywood Park Nov. 11, 2006, tested positive for hydroxyzine and cetirizine in the post-race urine sample. The Maddy Laboratory at U.C. Davis, which is the CHRB’s official laboratory, reported the findings, which were confirmed by Pennsylvania Equine Toxicology and Research Laboratories testing of the split sample. Hydroxyzine is a medication prescribed for chronic allergies; cetirizine is a pharmacologically active metabolite of hydroxyzine. This is a Class 3 violation. A hearing has not been scheduled.

The CHRB filed two complaints against Cerin for violation of Rules 1843 (a) (d) and 1887 (a) after two horses in his care tested positive for norpseudoephredrine and phenylpropanolamine. One of the horses, North Fleet Street, finished first in the 12th race at the Los Angeles County Fair Sept. 25, 2006, while the other horse, Off the Richter, finished third in the fifth race at the Los Angeles County Fair Sept. 10, 2006. The Maddy Laboratory reported the findings. Iowa State University tested the split sample and confirmed the finding for North Fleet Street. Norpseudoephredrine and phenylpropanolamine can be found in urine samples after the ingestion of herbal products containing ephedra and in several over-the-counter products for both horse and human respiratory conditions. These are Class 3 violations. Hearings have not been scheduled.

Rule 1859.25 (f) requires the CHRB to keep the results of an adverse finding by the official laboratory confidential until confirmed by the split sample laboratory.