Online Registration Usage Up, Jockey Club Reports

(from The Jockey Club release)
The Jockey Club’s Interactive Registration, an Internet-based service launched in 1996 to simplify and streamline Thoroughbred registration, processed a record 112,420 transactions in 2006, up 7.7% from 2005, according to statistics released Jan. 17 by The Jockey Club.

“Our Interactive Registration program was developed and instituted to facilitate the registration process for owners and breeders, and I think the steady increase in usage through the years clearly demonstrates both its popularity and its efficiency,” said Matt Iuliano, The Jockey Club’s vice president of registration services.

Among the major registration processes, 72% of mares reported bred and 66% of name claims were submitted through IR in 2006, along with 61% of all Live Foal/No Foal Reports and 33% of all registration applications.

“While the IR submission percentages continue to increase,” said Iuliano, “we would like to see greater usage in the area of name claims.”

In 2006, more than 6,500 name selections were rejected because they were identical to names already in use. Registry officials encourage owners and breeders to check the Online Names Book, which is updated daily, to see if a name may be available before submitting it.

Enhancements to IR during 2006 reduced the amount of navigation necessary to complete registration forms. In addition, improved help screens and credit card payment capabilities were implemented in support of IR’s capacity as the preferred method for transacting business. Additional improvements are scheduled for 2007.

Through Dec. 31, 2006, 658,064 transactions had been processed via IR since the service’s debut in 1996.

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