Beulah Park Fortune Six Returns Small Fortune

Edited press release

The Fortune Six at Beulah Park paid $364,589.50 Jan. 30, making it the second time the wager has recorded the single-largest payout in United States history for a wager with a base unit of less than a dollar.

The previous high payout for the Fortune Six was $179,072.40 on March 21, 2006.

Introduced in January, 2006, the Fortune Six is a 25-cent base-unit pick six wager with a carryover jackpot component. In order to win the jackpot, there must be one unique combination with all six winning horses. Should there not be a single winning combination, 60% of the Fortune Six pool, minus takeout, is carried over to the next live racing program, with the remaining 40% returned to individuals selecting the most winners.

The wager had a carryover for 42 consecutive racing days before being hit Jan. 30. The lone winning ticket contained the winning combination of 6-2-5-4-2-5 in races three through eight. Winning $2 mutuel prices for the winning horses, in race order, were $17.80, $27.40, $19.00, $16.40, $21.60, and $35.20.

The winning combination was purchased online via XpressBet, the Magna Entertainment Corp. account wagering service. Further details on the winning wager, including the total cost the winning ticket, weren’t yet available.

The carryover entering the Jan. 30 card was $301,885.78. A total of $80,908 was wagered into the pool.

Though the Fortune Six is a national wager, not all outlets that offer Beulah Park’s simulcast also allow wagering on the Fortune Six.