NYRA Signal Cut to Account Wagering Outlets

The New York State Racing and Wagering Board has turned off the New York Racing Association’s simulcast signal to an estimated two dozen account wagering outlets.

Regulators criticized NYRA for delays in submitting contracts to the agency for review, a delay that cost the racing entity about $25,000 in Aqueduct betting revenues Feb. 1, the first day of the signals being cut.

NYRA in the past submitted over 100 agreements with wagering outlets to the board for a blanket approval. This year, it sent in the agreements for separate approvals. But Daniel Toomey, a spokesman for the racing board, said NYRA did not submit the contracts until only a week ago – despite a Jan. 31 deadline for the signals to be cut off.

“NYRA would have done itself a huge favor by giving those contracts to us a month ago rather than just a week ago,’’ Toomey said.

Toomey estimated about two dozen signals were halted, while Bill Nader, a NYRA spokesman, said it was down to about 16 companies. Betting outlets that saw NYRA’s signal go dark included Las Vegas Dissemination Co., AmericaTab, XpressBet, the Atlantis hotel in the Bahamas and Connecticut Off Track Betting and at least three companies in Canada.

“Hopefully, we’ll have many of them back up tomorrow (Feb. 2),’’ Nader said. He said NYRA forfeited about $600,000 in wagers on the first day of the signal loss, costing about $25,000 in revenues.

“They just want to really take their time and make sure they’re comfortable before they sign off on the agreements. We’re hopeful we get this cleared up in the next day or two,’’ Nader said.

Toomey said he didn’t believe there were major issues with the remaining outlets, though lawyers with the agency have asked NYRA for additional details with several of the contracts. “The staff is giving their full attention to the remaining contracts,’’ Toomey said.