Program is Launched for New Industry Investors

(Edited press release)

Prospective investors in the multi-billion dollar Thoroughbred industry can now get a “leg up” with the launch of The Racing Game, a re-branded partnership of the Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association, Keeneland Association and Blood-Horse Publications.

Designed to identify and attract fresh involvement in Thoroughbred racing, The Racing Game (which replaces The Greatest Game) maintains a Web site located at that is chock-full of interesting and practical information for prospective investors. 

For example, visitors to the site can find answers to basic questions such as buying a horse, finding a trainer, as well as details about the costs of owning a racehorse, licensing and tax information, and definitions of key breeding and racing terms.

Perhaps the most useful feature of The Racing Game program for prospective owners, breeders, and other investors is the opportunity to be linked with approved industry advisors.

This gives investors the ability to begin a dialog with experts about their objectives in getting involved in the industry. Prospective owners simply complete a profile questionnaire, and they’ll be matched with a list of industry advisors whose knowledge and expertise match their objectives and interests. The investor can then contact the advisors at their own discretion. There is no cost or obligation during any part of the referral process.

“Thoroughbred racing is an absolutely thrilling industry for the casual fan and inside participant alike, but part of its attraction is a mystique that may keep some who would love to get more deeply involved from taking those first steps,” said Daniel Metzger, president, TOBA. “The Racing Game is an information hub and referral service for prospective owners and breeders that will get them through the starting gate and well into the first leg of the race.”

"Part of Keeneland's mission is to perpetuate the sport of Thoroughbred racing and the industry that derives from it," said Keeneland President and CEO Nick Nicholson. "Our involvement in The Racing Game is a natural extension of that. We believe that bringing new fans and owners to the sport is extremely important and are proud to be part of this initiative."