Dismissal Request in Jackson Lawsuit Denied by Kentucky Judge

A Kentucky judge has denied Frederic Sauque’s request to be dismissed from Jess Jackson’s fraud lawsuit involving the sale of the former Buckram Oak Farm, calling part of the agent’s arguments for such an action “unfounded.”

Sauque, who along with other defendants is accused of conspiring to bilk Jackson out of at least $1.5 million in the 2005 farm transaction, was seeking a similar outcome to that which he realized in January when he was dismissed from a separate Jackson lawsuit being litigated in California. Jackson’s legal team has asked the California judge to re-consider his ruling in dismissing Sauque.

Part of Sauque’s argument for dismissal from the Kentucky lawsuit was based on the California ruling. But U.S. District Judge Karl S. Forester wrote in his April 16 opinion that Sauque was dismissed in California on jurisdictional grounds, and called claims of being cleared of Jackson’s allegations “unfounded.”

Attorney Richard Getty, who is part of the Jackson legal team, said the case can now move forward.

“I guess those spin-doctor tactics didn’t work this time in front of a federal court,” he said. “We are obviously very pleased and will move forward expeditiously.”

Sauque’s attorney, Thomas Bullock, said he didn’t view the ruling as a defeat for his client.

“The facts of the case have yet to be provided to the court,” he said.

A settlement agreement was reached in March on the dismissal of one of the original defendants, trainer Bruce Headley. Getty said the dismissal would become official for both lawsuits when Headley pays off the $900,000 settlement on or before a July 2 deadline.

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