Paulick Joins TRF Board of Directors

Ray Paulick, editor-in-chief of The Blood-Horse, has been elected to the TRF board.

Edited press release

Ray Paulick, editor-in-chief of The Blood-Horse, has been elected to the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation's board of directors.

"We are very pleased that someone of Ray Paulick's stature sought to join the TRF board," said TRF founder and chairwoman Monique Koehler. "As editor of The Blood-Horse and a well-recognized authority on equine-related subjects and issues, his knowledge and understanding will be exceptionally valuable. Deeply concerned about the welfare of Thoroughbreds at the end of their racing careers, Ray has long been a TRF supporter and we are grateful that he is able to join our 'front ranks' at this important juncture in our more than 25 year mission.

"As an all-volunteer organization, our board is always going to be subject to a certain degree of change, reflecting our members' individual situations, whether personal or business-related. In fact, we've recently lost several important members of our leadership team. Consequently, Ray's proactive approach to the TRF and his enthusiasm for our cause is most timely and welcome."

The TRF has more than 1,300 horses in its care, and Koehler said the organization is facing "a very formidable task."

Paulick has been a long-time supporter of the TRF and other horse rescue operations and causes. Paulick authored the Thoroughbred Legends book Sunday Silence and is a resident of Lexington.

"The organization that Monique Koehler created 25 years plays an important role within the Thoroughbred industry," Paulick said. "My interest in joining the board is in seeing that the TRF continues to fill that role in the best and most efficient way possible."