Sales Integrity Task Force to Submit First Report

The Sales Integrity Task Force will submit its first report to Kentucky lawmakers when the Joint Interim Committee on Licensing and Occupations meets June 19 in Erlanger, Ky.

The 36-member task force was charged with producing regular updates on its progress as part of a compromise that put horse auction-related legislation on the back burner for this year. The first report is due by June 30 under legislative order.

Alex Waldrop, president of the National Thoroughbred Racing Association and moderator of the task force, said a written report will be submitted to the committee. The report, he said, amounts to an update on the task force, a committee of which met June 12.

“There really is nothing to report at this time on a consensus, but each committee has met and the dialogue has been good,” Waldrop said. “The process appears to be proceeding well.”

Waldrop said there has been some disagreement but also room to reach consensus on various issues. The task force has pledged to reach consensus on items outlined in the tabled legislation, including the licensing of bloodstock agents, ownership disclosure, and veterinary disclosure.

The task force met for the first time May 7 and is scheduled to meet again July 12. Officials said a statement from the task force probably won’t be released until after the July meeting.

The May meeting was organizational in nature. The task force formed three committees--ownership disclosure, licensing of agents and consignors, and medication disclosure--and advisory groups on agent and consignor, legal, and veterinary issues.

Another legislative report is due by Sept. 30, with a final report due by Dec. 31. The next regular Kentucky General Assembly session begins in January 2008.

The task force agreed not to discuss particulars of the meetings with the press. Waldrop is the designated spokesman.