Equibase Adds Thoro-Graph Form Ratings

Thoro-Graph Form Ratings are now available exclusively at equibase.com.

Edited press release

Thoro-Graph, whose proprietary performance figures have been utilized by professional handicappers and horsemen alike for the past 25 years, has unveiled Thoro-Graph Form Ratings, which are available exclusively on equibase.com.

Thoro-Graph Form Ratings are based on Thoro-Graph Performance Figures, which take into account weight carried, ground loss, effect of wind on the final time, and track speed to provide an overall measure of ability shown by each horse in a race. The new Thoro-Graph Form Ratings provide an easy-to-use evaluation of the current form of horses competing against each other by creating a single rating for each horse.

“Thoro-Graph has a loyal following among professional handicappers and horsemen, and we are excited to leverage the popularity of equibase.com to introduce Thoro-Graph Form Ratings to a broad new audience of race fans,” Thoro-Graph president Jerry Brown said. “Thoro-Graph Form Ratings help horseplayers quickly identify the primary contenders and live long shots in a race, as well as the spread in ability between the contenders.”

“Racing fans and handicappers of all levels visit equibase.com each day to prepare to play the races,” Equibase president Hank Zeitlin said, “and Thoro-Graph Form Ratings further enhance the diverse menu of handicapping offerings available to them on equibase.com