Permanently Disabled Jockeys Fund Receives $250,000

(edited press release)

The National Thoroughbred Racing Association announced July 11 that Dana Parham, a Thoroughbred racing fan and Standardbred owner and breeder, has made a contribution of $250,000 to the NTRA Charities–Permanently Disabled Jockeys Fund. Parham’s contribution is the single largest donation ever made to the fund.

Industry groups and numerous individuals have made leadership contributions to the PDJF, which was established in April 2006 by a consortium of racetracks, Thoroughbred racing organizations and the Jockeys’ Guild. The fund aids permanently disabled jockeys with their health care and daily living expenses and is designed to supplement payments currently received by those disabled riders from sources such as Social Security or the Jockeys’ Guild’s Disabled Jockeys’ Fund.

Parham, said he was inspired by a $25,000 donation from Racing and Gaming Services, of which he is a regular customer. “I have all the respect in the world for the riders who risk their lives every race and wanted to do something significant that will help,” he said. “I feel very strongly about the fund and hope (my) contributions will encourage others to do the same.”

The NTRA Charities – Permanently Disabled Jockeys Fund is intended to provide interim supplements for former riders while the industry develops long-term solutions to meet the needs of its disabled riders. The Fund made its first disbursement in May of last year and has since distributed more than $750,000 to nearly 60 disabled riders.

Earlier this year the NTRA Charities – Permanently Disabled Jockeys Fund received a $225,000 contribution from Roy and Gretchen Jackson, who were the successful bidders on a fundraising auction of the saddle that had been worn by Barbaro while winning the Kentucky Derby under jockey Edgar Prado.