A Day At The Spa: Aug. 31, Racetrack Humor Volume II

“It’s like the twilight zone. We’re turning the pages and it’s the same race.” – Turf writer Bill Heller expressing dissatisfaction at Wednesday’s card.

“I like the winners circle. I want to put one in my house.” – hotwalker Iain Holmes after visiting the one at Saratoga with a Michael Matz winner.

“Can I wear shorts to that event?” “I don’t care if you wear a sarong.” – exchange between Jerry Bossert (the questioner) and Sherry Ross (the sarcastic one) of the Daily News

“You don’t get no green betting Jean Luc-Samyn” – handicapper in the Saratoga press box

“Next stop, Aqueduct!” – reporter after hearing yesterday’s attendance of 12,236.

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