Barbara D. Livingston

John Henry 'Moneigh' on eBay

A "Moneigh" painting by John Henry is up for bids in an eBay auction held by ReRun.

One of the last "Moneigh" paintings done by the late John Henry is up for bids in an eBay auction held by ReRun, the ex-racehorse adoption program.

Previously, Moneighs by the two-time Horse of the Year have been sold online, but it is predicted this one will sell for a record high in light of his recent passing. John Henry's piece, along with several others, will be available through Dec. 2 when the eBay auction closes.

Moneighs were started in 2001 to help raise money for the organization that currently has chapters in Kentucky, New York, and New Jersey. They are created by allowing each horse to nuzzle a palette full of non-toxic paint, and then placing a canvas in front of them to sniff, lick, or snort at.

Occasionally, there will be a lock of hair taken from the horse that is tied in a ribbon and glued to the canvas. The pieces are then embossed with ReRun’s logo, matted, and framed.

In addition to the John Henry Moneigh, there will be pieces created by such greats as Funny Cide, Cigar, Smarty Jones, and Tiznow available for bidding.

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