Admire Moon is the 2007 Japanese Horse of the Year.

Admire Moon is the 2007 Japanese Horse of the Year.

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JRA Award Winners Named

Admire Moon was named Horse of the Year by the Japan Racing Association Jan. 28.

From the Japan Racing Association 

Admire Moon, winner of three grade I races in his final season, was presented Jan.28 with the Japan Racing Association’s top honor of Horse of the Year, as well as top older male. Owned by Darley Japan Farm Co., he is trained by Hiroyoshi Matsuda and was bred by Northern Farm.

Other JRA honors went to:

Goshawk Ken, 2-year-old male
Owner: Yoshio Fujita
Trainer: Makoto Saito
Breeder: Four Horseman's Ranch

Tall Poppy, 2-year-old female
Owner: U. Carrot Farm
Trainer: Katsuhiko Sumii
Breeder: Northern Farm

Asakusa Kings, 3-year-old male
Owner: Keiko Tahara
Trainer: Ryuji Okubo
Breeder: Shadai Farm

Daiwa Scarlet, 3-year-old female, top homebred
Owner: Keizo Oshiro
Trainer: Kunihide Matsuda
Breeder: Shadai Farm

Koiuta, older female
Owner: Maekawa Kikaku
Trainer: Masashi Okuhira
Breeder: Shadai Farm

Daiwa Major, sprinter
Owner: Keizo Oshiro
Trainer: Hiroyuki Uehara
Breeder: Shadai Farm

Vermilion, dirt horse
Owner: Sunday Racing
Trainer: Sei Ishizaka
Breeder: Northern Farm

Merci A Time, steeplechase horse
Owner: Yasuo Nagai
Trainer: Kohei Take
Breeder: Hiroyuki Tanaka

Vodka, special award
Owner: Yuzo Tanimizu
Trainer: Katsuhiko Sumii
Breeder: Country Bokujo

Meisho Samson, special award
Owner: Yoshio Matsumoto
Trainer: Shigetada Takahashi
Breeder: Koki Hayashi

Kazuo Fujisawa, trainer (races won)

Hideaki Fujiawa, trainer (winning average)

Hiroyoshi Matsuda, trainer (money earned and training technique)

Yutaka Take, jockey (races won, money earned, and special award)

Katsumi Ando, jockey (winning average)

Makoto Nishitani, steeplechase jockey

Nominees for the 2007 JRA Equine Cultural Award include:

"Mandala of Equus - Field Science for Wild Horses, Zebras and Donkeys" by Rikako Kimura (Tokyo University Press)

"Outstanding Horseshoeing Techniques of Soh Nishiuchi - Charismatic Farrier" by Tetsu Josaki (Published by Byakuya Shobo)