A powerful explosion in Dubai darkened the early morning sky.

A powerful explosion in Dubai darkened the early morning sky.

Michele MacDonald

Morning Line Goes to Dubai: Day 3

Curlin Gets Aggressive Over Paparazzi; Explosion Rips Peaceful Morning.

Wednesday, March 26

Curlin Gets Aggressive Over Paparazzi
Like every superstar, Curlin is well aware of the presence of cameras. While he usually enjoys posing, sometimes the paparazzi get on his nerves.  More...

The Palace of the Magic Kingdom
All the small sign stationed on one of Dubai's whirling traffic roundabouts says is "private access." There are no gates, no fences at the sign-nothing visible to designate that this place is anything special. Yet anyone who looks out his car window can see that what lies down a long driveway lined with palm trees and lush avenues of grass is something extraordinary. More...

 Explosion Rips Peaceful Morning
American Horse of the Year Curlin was standing in the wash rack in his barn in the quarantine area of Nad Al Sheba Racecourse when the unmistakable sound of an explosion split the air. "We were lucky he was in the wash rack because we could have had a problem if I was walking him," assistant trainer Scott Blasi said of the startling noise. More...

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