Curlin on the track at Dubai.

Curlin on the track at Dubai.

Michele MacDonald

Morning Line Goes to Dubai: Day 6

Getting to know the real Curlin

Saturday, March 29

Getting to know the real Curlin
Horse of the Year Curlin seems to have it all, and his racing record more than backs up that assessment. But what is he like to be around every day? What kind of an individual is this sculpted specimen with the fiery red hair? More...

Pancho the pony ‘irreplaceable’ companion
For his part, Pancho seems to sense when it is time to start moving in order to meet Curlin following his work, Blasi said, often going on his own initiative at just the right time. Pancho is patient with both humans and horses. Blasi said he can hoist anyone aboard Pancho’s broad back, and has even put all three of Asmussen’s young sons on the pony at one time, with no objection or unruly behavior displayed by the gelding. More...

Well Armed reignites Casner’s zeal
This is the story of a near tragedy and a new beginning for a horse and of the reawakening of a man’s purest passion for racing. The horse is the exquisitely handsome bay Well Armed, who just two years ago was languished near death after suffering a painful fracture in his hip. More...

Jockeys enjoying working holiday in Dubai
Most jockeys don’t ordinarily put morning workouts on their lists of favorite things to do. Yet three American jockeys have traveled to Dubai just to handle exercise for some of the 15 horses based in the United States while they prepared for races on today’s Dubai World Cup (UAE-I) program. More...

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