AHC, USDA Host Unwanted Horse Forum

The AHC and USDA are co-sponsoring a forum on the issue of unwanted horses June 18.

From the American Horse Council
The American Horse Council and the United States Department of Agriculture are co-sponsoring a forum called "The Unwanted Horse Issue: What Now?" The all-day forum will be held June 18 at the Department’s Jefferson Auditorium in Washington, DC. 

The forum will piggy-back onto the AHC’s 2008 National Issues Forum, which will be in D.C. June 16-18.

“The Unwanted Horse Forum is open to all,” said Jay Hickey, AHC president. “We hope that those who attend the AHC meeting will stay in Washington and attend the Unwanted Horse Forum, too. 
“There is little data about the size of the problem, the numbers of unwanted horses, the ability of the current system to care for them, and whether there is an increase in neglect and similar issues,” continued Hickey. “We hope this forum will be an opportunity to focus on the many factors that surround the problem of the unwanted horse and bring some clarity to the extent of the problem.” 

The one-day educational forum is free and open to all. It will focus on the current situation and the next steps that can be taken.

Invited speakers will discuss the known and unknown factors surrounding the unwanted horse issue, as well as possible solutions and options to deal with the problem and decrease the number of unwanted horses in the country. 

The forum will cover a variety of topics, including historical, ethical, and general perspectives on the issue, the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act, and transportation issues.