Skip Dickstein

Derby Sponsor Gains Valuable Exposure

Yum! Brands gained valuable national exposure during Kentucky Derby telecast

When combining the media exposure the Kentucky Derby presenting sponsor received from NBC’s live telecast May 3 with print and Internet news articles referencing the sponsor over the last week, Yum Brands earned a comparable exposure value of $5,750,215.

According to research conducted by Joyce Julius & Associates, Inc. — which specializes in measuring the impact of sponsorships across all forms of media — Yum logos appeared clear and in-focus for a total of seven minutes, 41 seconds (7:41) during NBC’s two-hour, 45-minute telecast. Additionally, Yum was mentioned by the network’s announcers on 18 occasions.  When comparing the in-broadcast exposure to the estimated cost of a commercial spot during the Kentucky Derby, Yum reaped $5,483,340 of in-broadcast exposure value.

News articles appearing in print and on the Internet referencing the event’s presenting sponsor also led to significant exposure for Yum.  More than 40 print and 285 Internet articles contributed another $266,875 of exposure value to the sponsor when comparing the results to traditional advertising.

The Kentucky Derby telecasts also provided a forum for the various restaurant chains comprising Yum Brands to gain exposure as well, as A&W, KFC, Long John Silver’s, Pizza Hut ,and Taco Bell shared 1:57 of clear, in-focus exposure time, 10 verbal mentions and $1.8 million of exposure value.