Mexican Slaughter Industry in Trouble

There has been a ruling that horse meat may not be shipped out of the U.S. via Texas.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has ruled that horse meat may not be shipped through the Lone Star State en route for foreign destinations.

The ruling deals a blow to the Mexican slaughter industry, which has the majority of its slaughter-bound horses transported across the Texas border.

Abbott referred to a story that aired on a local television station last fall exposing the harsh realities behind the slaughter of horses for human consumption. After the story aired, two slaughter houses in Texas were closed.

Abbott clarified the state’s position, saying it’s illegal to sell horse meat for human consumption or transfer the meat to a person who intends to do so.

The slaughter industry has been fighting to overturn the law for years.

For months, there have also been efforts to ban horse slaughter on national fronts, including multiple rallies and conferences in Washington D.C.