Louis Romanet

Louis Romanet

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Romanet Awarded Gold Medal of Merit

Romanet is the only foreigner to be awarded this distinction.

(Edited press release)

On May 12, the day of the German 2000 Guineas (Ger-II) in Cologne, Louis Romanet was awarded the Gold Medal of Merit by the German Direktorium.

Romanet received the medal during a ceremony held at the famous stud farm Röttgen, owned by the Mehl-Mülhens Foundation.

Manfred Ostermann, vice-president of the Direktorium, presented the award to Romanet “for his outstanding contribution to the development of international racing and for his exceptional spirit of co-operation with the Direktorium all along his career.”

Romanet thanked the Direktorium for the honor and stressed the necessity to develop cooperation between the German and French racing authorities in accordance with the evolution of the European context.

He reminded them of the success of the agreement signed by the French and German totes five years ago, which increased the common pool betting turnover in Germany on French races from €4.4 million in 2004 to €22 million in 2007.

Romanet is the only foreigner who has been awarded this distinction.