Colostrum Donations Needed in Kentucky

Veterinarians have issued a call for colostrum in Kentucky.

by Erin Ryder

Veterinarians with Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital in Lexington have put out a call for colostrum donations because its supply has dwindled in the midst of foaling season.

Colostrum is a sticky, high-protein milk secreted during the first 24 hours following birth and is characterized by a high content of antibodies. The antibodies are a foal's first line of defense against potential infection.

If a foal is unable to nurse, or the mare does not produce adequate colostrum, the foal's health could be at risk. If this is the case, a foal might require supplemental colostrum or a commercial substitute.

Colostrum donations will be accepted at Rood and Riddle's ambulatory department or pharmacy. Colostrum collected during last year's foaling season can still be used, so long as it was frozen. The pharmacy also offers free bottles for colostrum collection and testing.

Farms that donate colostrum will receive credit for a free pint if they need one during the same year the donation is made. Colostrum otherwise costs $125, with proceeds going to therapeutic riding association Central Kentucky Riding for Hope.

For more information, contact Kaye Kincaid at Rood and Riddle (859-233-0371).