Belmont Stakes Video Game Announced

Horse racing fantasy game will allow fans to siumulate live racing.

The New York Racing Association and Horse Racing Simulation LLC announced May 28 the launch of an interactive horse racing simulation game that will feature four grade I races associated with Belmont Stakes Day, including the actual 2008 Belmont Stakes (gr. I) featuring Big Brown's quest to win all three legs of horse racing's Triple Crown. 

The racing game, known as Horse Racing Fantasy “Community Edition,” featuring the 140th running of the Belmont Stakes, has multiple interactive features that include the ability to run simulations of the Belmont Stakes with the actual contenders and their correct post positions. As a simulation tool, it will help both the experienced and novice handicapper to translate the available sophisticated and complicated numeric horse racing past performance data into a full screen 3D visual event.

In simplistic terms, it brings those numbers to life.

Users can adjust the true racing characteristics of each race horse to explore different race scenarios leading up to potential profitable wagering strategies. The product also provides a simulated betting platform and a jockey mode that allows race fans to see first-hand what it’s like to ride a champion thoroughbred  race horse in this premier horse racing event.   

“Horse Racing Simulation is a cutting-edge company whose goals are very much in line with those here at The New York Racing Association. The Belmont Stakes racing game they have created is an entertaining, educational, and interactive way for fans to experience the excitement of horse racing,” said Neema Ghazi, Director of Marketing for NYRA. “We are thrilled to partner with Horse Racing Simulation and bring this engaging product to our fans, free of charge.”

Horse Racing Simulation president Michael Calderone added: “NYRA understands the importance of providing not only new educational, but also entertaining tools to help horse racing fans of all levels become more engaged in the great sport of horse racing. Fans can jockey their favorite race horse or can use our platform as a powerful horse racing handicapping software tool. Based upon the substantial success of our horse race simulation tool/game utilized for last year’s 2007 Breeders’ Cup, we expect the Belmont Stakes Game to be a big hit with the fans, especially considering all of the enhanced features and functions we have incorporated into this horse racing game since then.”   

The free horse racing simulation tool/virtual horse race game is exclusively available at the New York Racing Association's web site ( The following four grade I races will be available for simulation with the true race horse contenders: The Acorn Stakes, The Manhattan Handicap, the Just A Game Handicap and the Belmont Stakes.

In addition, there will be one fantasy horse race that will include some of the greatest champion race horses in what might be called the “Dream Belmont Stakes” race. Anyone registering for this product now will be eligible to receive all true contender/post position upgrades once those details are known and can enjoy 3D interactive fantasy racing until then.   

Horse Racing Simulation LLC is an interactive media company whose focus is to increase general awareness of the horse racing industry by providing interactive technologies that motivate, educate, communicate and entertain. To learn more about Horse Racing Simulation and its products, please visit (, (, (, (