Harrison to Handle AHC Communications

Bridget Harrison will handle communications for the American Horse Council.

from the American Horse Council

Bridget Harrison has been named director of communications for the American Horse Council, the Washington, D.C., organization announced June 24.

Harrison comes to the AHC with a vast knowledge of horses and the horse industry. Before coming to the AHC, she owned and operated her own business, Lion’s Pride LLC, where she organized and maintained training programs for competitive horses and riders, rode competitively, and taught lessons.

Most recently, Harrison worked for the National Wildlife Federation, where she worked in development "to protect wildlife for our children’s future."

“With 20-plus years of horse experience, and eight years working for non-profit organizations, Bridget is a welcome addition to the staff at American Horse Council,” AHC president Jay Hickey said.

“I am at my personal best when I am around horses, and I communicate best when I can be creative, so this is a perfect fit for me,” Harrison said of her new position.