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Anne M. Eberhardt

On the Mend: Chelokee's Prognosis Good

Dr. Larry Bramlage says Chelokee will probably make a full recovery.

Dr. Larry Bramlage, who in mid May said grade III winner Chelokee’s chances of survival were at 60-40 after the colt dislocated his right front ankle, is now talking about him being released from Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital in Lexington within weeks.

“Chelokee is doing great,” said Bramlage of the colt, who sustained his injuries during the Alysheba Stakes (gr. III) on the Kentucky Oaks day undercard at Churchill Downs. “He’s begun his rehab and is walking several times a day now. We started to wean him out of bandages, and he’s in no other support. If he had fractures, we probably would have dismissed him already, but with the severe ligamentous injuries, we’re taking a little more time than average, but he’s doing well.”

Bramlage said Chelokee would probably be released from the hospital in two to three weeks, after which he could start being advertised as a stallion.

“His attitude is great—that’s the least of our problems,” Bramlage said, adding that the colt now stands almost squarely and has been shod on both front feet.

“We just did that this week, because it takes awhile before you can make them stand on the injured limb well enough to shoe the other side,” he explained.

Bramlage said he would increase Chelokee’s walking distance in around 10 days. Right now, he takes short walks multiple times a day. “We have to wait until we’re beyond 60 days for the fetlock, and then the walking will actually help the pastern (bone).

“I’m real pleased with how he’s doing so far. He’s right on course. I actually prefer to rehabilitate the ones with the broken sesamoids, as opposed to just tearing all the ligaments behind the joint. They’re easier in this part of the rehabilitation, because he’s less than two months (past the time of the injury), and if you or I had had this severe of ligamentous injury, we’d probably just be coming out of crutches, so he’s well ahead of what a person would be.”