Four Not Re-Elected to Cup Board

Prominent farm owner Robert Clay isn't re-elected to board of members and trustees

Four incumbents, including vice chairman Robert Clay, weren't re-elected to the Breeders' Cup's board of members and trustees. The other three incumbents not re-elected were Robert Cromartie, Leverett Miller, and J. V. Shields Jr.

Incumbents re-elected to the 48-member board were Helen Alexander, Bill Farish, Terry Finley, Lucy Young Hamilton, Maria Niarchos-Gouaze, Charles Nuckols III, and Mark Taylor. New members are Doug Cauthen, Bill Oppenheim, Don Robinson, Charlotte Weber, and Barry Weisbord.

The 21 candidates also included Bobby Flay, Arnold Kirkpatrick, Allan Lavin Jr., James McAlpine, and Ric Waldman.

Breeders’ Cup foal and stallion nominators voted in the election, which ended June 30.