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NYRA Betting Menu Beefed Up

Effective immediately, the betting menu at New York Racing Association has been beefed up, and will now include rolling daily doubles, and superfectas on every race that meets the requirements.

In order for the superfecta to be offered, the race must have at least eight betting interests, and no coupled entries.  NYRA president Charlie Hayward said if a trainer enters two horses and the race is designated a superfecta, then the trainer must scratch one of the horses. Trainers were in put in this difficult position already with the two superfectas offered daily before the all-superfecta rule went into effect.

“We are virtually the only jurisdiction in the country where the same trainer and different owner don’t run uncoupled,” Hayward said. “We have done some analysis on that and it has a huge impact on our handle.”

NYRA has asked the New York State Racing and Wagering Board to adopt a new rule allowing for uncoupled entries over a year ago. The NYSRWB is currently reviewing the request and Hayward said there is no “timetable” on when the board will issue NYRA an answer.