TRA Endorses Equine Safety Measures

from the Thoroughbred Racing Associations

The Thoroughbred Racing Associations board of directors Aug. 15 endorsed the recommendations of The Jockey Club Thoroughbred Safety Committee regarding the elimination of androgenic anabolic steroids in Thoroughbreds in racing and training, as well as other equine safety measures.

The TRA directors supported the Thoroughbred Safety Committee’s call for the immediate adoption by all North American racing authorities of the Association of Racing Commissioners International model rule on steroids that is based on Racing Medication and Testing Consortium recommendations. TRA racetracks committed to work with racing commissions in their respective jurisdictions to implement the elimination of anabolic steroids by the end of 2008.

The TRA also endorsed a recommendation to have jockeys use only riding crops approved by the RCI Model Rules Committee in consultation with the Jockeys’ Guild. Adoption of a ban on toe grabs and other traction devices in conjunction with local commission regulations also was endorsed the by the TRA board of directors.

In other business, Tom Chuckas and Will Alempijevic were elected to the TRA board of directors representing the Maryland Jockey Club and Portland Meadows, respectively.