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Fasig-Tipton Offers Virtual Catalog

From Fasig-Tipton

Fasig-Tipton has launched a full online version of its Kentucky November select mixed sale catalog, which lists more than 180 horses. The technology used in the virtual catalog includes race videos of graded winners and a unique “book-like” interface that allows the user to turn virtual pages. 

“This technology will allow prospective thoroughbred buyers the opportunity to find all of the pertinent sale information in one central location,” said Terence Collier, Fasig-Tipton’s director of marketing. “The added accessibility will help buyers view both race video and catalog information simultaneously.”

The virtual catalog is graphically identical to the print version.  Users are able to point, click, and turn the pages in a three-dimensional environment.  As you drag the mouse, the pages move with you. 

Race footage of offered graded winners is available on their catalog pages.  Designed for maximum ease of use, the video plays directly on the page instead of forcing the user to open a new window.

“The virtual catalog is just one more step towards helping buyers identify and research potential purchases as easily as possible,” Collier said. 

The sale is scheduled for Nov. 2 in Lexington.

The catalog can be accessed at