New Facility for Unwanted Horses Planned

Edited press release

A group of Illinois horse owners and equine advocates announced plans Oct. 13 for a new humane shelter and adoption center for horses. The Illinois Equine Humane Center’s mission is to provide humane treatment and shelter while working as a clearinghouse to seek adoptive homes for all of Illinois’ unwanted equines, regardless of breed. The group also seeks to educate and raise awareness for responsible equine ownership so that fewer horses end up in crisis.

The ILEHC is modeled after the Kentucky Equine Humane Center  which was established by Kentucky horse owners, in April of 2007.

“We are grateful to our Kentucky sister organization for having laid the groundwork for us, and for all the help and guidance they  have shown us along the way,” said ILEHC President, Gail Vacca. “The Kentucky group has had great success serving horses within their state during their first 17 months of operation, and they have set the bar high for the ILEHC -- a challenge that along with the support of Illinoisans, we too hope to meet with great success.”

“In times of economic challenge, animals are often the first to suffer,” added equine veterinarian and ILEHC vice president Dr. Lydia Gray. “Illinois has long been known to be a leader in the advocacy for the humane treatment of its animals, and with the establishment of ILEHC we hope to realize a significant reduction in the number of abused and neglected horses throughout the state.”
The ILEHC is currently working to raise the necessary funds in order to secure a permanent home for the center. Fundraising events are being planned and will be announced on our website. Click here for more information on the Illinois Equine Humane Center