New Racing Industry Course Offered in UK

New British Racing School course should offer deeper understanding of racing.

(edited press release)

The British Racing School, based in Newmarket, is now offering a comprehensive program for people new to the sport of racing, middle managers in the industry, or anyone who wants to broaden their knowledge about the sport internationally. The Racing Industry Course, a five-day program held during the first week of February 2009, will offer a wide range of seminars, behind-the-scenes visits and interactive sessions hosted by experts in the racing world.

Topics to be covered include breeding, training, horse welfare, and the challenges of sustaining the economic viability of racing. A major part of the program will be dedicated to discussing other major issues such as integrity in racing, the sport’s relationship with the media, and the risks of overproduction in the UK and Ireland.

Duncan Gregory, Operations Director at the British Racing School said, "This is a brilliant opportunity for anyone wanting to know more about the multi-faceted racing industry; it should have wide appeal. There is no other course like it for those who want and need to know its intricacies and its issues. In a fast-changing world it has got to be a ‘must’ for many in racing today."

The five day course is residential with all meals and excursions included within the price. To book contact the British Racing School, on 01638 665103. All details of the course are on our Web site, at