BH Advertising Rates Reduced

The Blood-Horse will reduce its print advertising rates.

The Blood-Horse, the nation’s oldest continually-published weekly news magazine for Thoroughbred racing and breeding, will reduce its print advertising rates by 5% effective January 2009. The move comes in an effort to help ease the current operating burden faced by many of the country’s Thoroughbred horse farms and other industry-related businesses. 

“In the past couple of months, we’ve seen the dislocation between breeding costs and market prices widen into a chasm that threatens the very viability of our industry. The charter of The Blood-Horse is to serve the Thoroughbred owner and breeder, a group that needs immediate financial relief,” said Stacy V. Bearse, president and CEO of Blood-Horse Publications. “Reducing our advertising rates will provide modest relief to industry marketing budgets, while challenging us to operate more efficiently than ever. In spite of our lower pricing, readers and advertisers have my pledge to maintain the same high standards of quality and services that have characterized The Blood-Horse brand for many, many decades.” 
The Blood-Horse advertising rate card will be adjusted to reflect the 5% rate reduction effective with the January 3, 2009, issue. Regular advertisers will see automatic decreases in their account statements.