Equibase Approves $1.2 Million Dividend

Equibase Approves $1.2 Million Dividend
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(Edited press release)

The Equibase Management Committee announced Dec. 10 that a dividend of $1.2 million had been approved and would be distributed to the Equibase Co. partners. This brings the total dividends paid in 2008 to a record $3.6 million, $2.4 million of which is distributed to the member tracks of the Thoroughbred Racing Associations and $1.2 million of which goes to The Jockey Club, the managing partner for Equibase.
The distribution for 2008 represents a 9% increase against the 2007 dividend distribution of $3.3 million, and brings the total amount of dividends distributed to Equibase partners since 1998 to $24.6 million.
Equibase Co. is a partnership between The Jockey Club and the Thoroughbred Racing Associations and serves as the Thoroughbred industry’s official database for racing information.

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