45 Horses Adopted Through TheHorse.com

79 more horses listed for adoption.

Launched in November 2008, TheHorse.com's Thoroughbred Adoption Service has now coordinated new homes for 45 horses. (See a list of horses placed)

"I’m extremely pleased that our initial efforts in helping find homes for horses through our Thoroughbred Adoption Services on TheHorse.com is working so well," said Publisher Kimberly S. Brown. "We hope to expand this service to include photos, videos, and, of course, other breeds as programming progresses.”

Another 79 are currently available, ranging from yearlings to sound, already re-trained competition horses, to retired babysitters. Listings can be sorted by date listed, name of horse, gender, color, height, state, and age.

If you are looking for your next equine athlete, or if you have room at your farm and in your heart (and budget!) for another horse, please visit the Thoroughbred Adoption Service listing on TheHorse.com/Horses/Available.

If you have a registered Thoroughbred that needs a home, you may place the description of the horse on the service for free. Just visit the home page of TheHorse.com and click on Thoroughbred Adoption Service.
For more information on the new Thoroughbred Adoption Service please see the article Thoroughbred Adoption Service Launched for FREE Horses.