Northview Offering Breeding Incentives

Northview going ahead with a breeders assistance program at both farms.

In response to the troubling economic times, Northview Stallion Station is offering an innovative Breeder Assistance Program to mare owners for 2009.

The program allows sizeable discounts on stud fees for the majority of Northview stallions in 2009. The program includes stallions standing at Northview in Maryland near Chesapeake City and at Northview PA near Peach Bottom, Pa.

Mare owners can save up to 30% on most stud fees if breeding three or more mares to Northview stallions. Or the savings is 25% if breeding two mares.

Breeders may partner with other breeders in order to participate in this program. Northview will act as agent, at no charge, to partner breeders with single mares with other breeders.