CANTER-Mid Atlantic Expands

The program was able to increase due to a grant from Charles Town Races & Slots.

from CANTER-Mid-Atlantic

CANTER-Mid Atlantic will expand its ongoing race horse rehabilitation program with a grant funded by Charles Town Races & Slots.

This additional financing for its existing rehabilitation program enables CANTER-Mid Atlantic to grow from a free race horse sales listing service and race horse rehab provider to an emergency care provider of at-risk race horses it would otherwise have been forced to turn away.

"We have worked very closely with the management of the Charles Town over the years, and we are very excited that they have chosen CANTER-Mid Atlantic as a recipient of these funds to help ex-race horses in need of immediate homes," said CANTER-Mid Atlantic executive director Allie Conrad. "So often we have had to turn away at-risk horses due to a lack of funding.  We will now have the resources to help more horses."

Having been granted backside access for nine years by Charles Town management, CANTER-Mid Atlantic volunteers have built strong relationships with the track management and horse racing professionals. Those relationships have made it possible for CANTER-Mid Atlantic to assist trainers and owners in transitioning more than 3000 race horses into successful second careers using its free listing service.

"Working with CANTER-Mid Atlantic has been a very positive experience for us," said Dickie Moore, general manager of racing at Charles Town. "We understand that CANTER-Mid Atlantic has struggled to take in ex-race horses in need of homes, and we are pleased to support their work, and hopefully ease their burden, with a financial grant so that many more race horses can be rehabilitated and retrained for a second career."

Over the last several years, CANTER-Mid Atlantic has taken in over 80 retired race horses as funding allowed and successfully rehabilitated, retrained, and placed them into caring homes. Horses in CANTER-Mid Atlantic's care are boarded on farms deemed appropriate for the health and well-being of the horse. 
CANTER-Mid Atlantic is currently managing the care of 24 ex-racehorses that have begun the rehabilitation and retraining process in order to prepare them for a second career. Financial support provided by Charles Town will strengthen these efforts.

CANTER-Mid Atlantic volunteers regularly visit Charles Town Races & Slots in West Virginia, Pimlico Race Track in Baltimore, Md., Bowie Training Center in Bowie, Md., and Laurel Race Course in Laurel, Md., to meet with trainers and owners of horses that are ready to retire from racing, but are capable of beginning a second career.

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