Talkin' Horses - New Format for 2009

Beginning Feb. 12, traditional chat model will be replaced with an audio podcast.

Talkin' Horses has always offered Thoroughbred fans and professionals an opportunity to pose questions to the people who make the headlines. Guests have included owners, trainers, jockeys, industry leaders, and newsmakers from around the world of Thoroughbred breeding and racing. Talkin' Horses has always offered timely analysis of coming events and emotional reminiscences of historic moments on and around the track.

Moving forward, we've decided to make a few changes to Talkin' Horses. The first thing you'll notice is the change in format -- the traditional chat model has been replaced with an audio podcast. We feel this change will allow a more interactive, more personable, experience for our users. It's also more convenient; you'll now be able to listen to Talkin' Horses via your computer, your IPod, or any standard mp3 player.

As always, your questions will still be the focal point of Talkin' Horses. We're really excited about the new Talkin' Horses, and we hope you are as well.

The first Talkin Horses podcast, with Dogwood Stable president Cot Campbell, will be available Thursday, Feb. 12. Campbell first conceived the idea of ownership of Thoroughbred racehorses through participation in group partnerships, stepping out onto a new playing field alone, and destined ever after to be known as the "father of Thoroughbred racing partnerships" as well as one of the most successful practitioners of the method he created in 1969. Please submit your questions for Mr. Campbell here.