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Leslie Guttman has also written a book of her experiences, to be released in August.

(Edited press release)

Author Leslie Guttman has spent the last year as the proverbial “fly on the wall,” taking in the sights, sounds, and actions at the world-renowned Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital and in August will release her new book “Equine ER: A Year in the Life of an Equine Veterinary Hospital,” published by Eclipse Press.

The book, which captures the often dramatic, sometimes heartbreaking, but all-inspiring stories Guttman witnessed, takes fans behind the scenes through blog posts and video now available at TheHorse.com. (http://cs.thehorse.com/blogs/equine-er/default.aspx).

Throughout her time at Rood & Riddle, Guttman has documented her experience through blog posts, photographs, and video. Every Monday, new blog entries and videos are posted. From April 1 through the end of the summer, Guttman will make daily posts and eventually add podcasts to the site. The Equine ER blog is part of new blog stable feature of The Horse, a monthly equine health care magazine published by Blood-Horse Publications.

“Equine ER tells stories of triumph and tragedy involving the most challenging cases from the perspectives of the attending veterinarians, the horse, and its owners and caretakers,” said Dr. Bryan Waldridge, a Rood & Riddle veterinarian and formerly an award-winning professor at Auburn University.