Five Elected to Florida HBPA Board

The Florida HBPA has announced the results of its 2009 election.

from the Florida Horsemen's Benevolent and Protective Association

Five people were elected to the 15-member Florida Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association in the organization’s 2009 election.

The Florida HBPA elects five members each year.

The owners elected to the board are Teresa Palmer and John Penn, a former alternate to the board. The trainers elected to the board are Barry Rose and Manny Tortora, who were both incumbents. The fifth seat is an “open seat” awarded to the owner or trainer with the next highest amount of votes after the above two owners and two trainers; the seat was won by Larry Pilotti, a former alternate to the board.

The five individuals will each serve three-year terms. The owner alternate is Jay Kotzen, and the trainer alternate is John Shaw. The “open seat” alternate is Ronald Gaffney.

The alternates will each serve one year.

A board meeting will be called shortly to seat the new board members and to elect officers for the year. The officers will be chosen by the Florida HBPA board members.