AHC's Congressional Ride-In Scheduled

The AHC is holding its annual Congressional Ride-In June 17, in Washington, D.C.

(Edited press release)

The American Horse Council is holding its annual Congressional Ride-In June 17, in Washington, DC. The Ride-In will take place as part of the AHC National Issues Forum, which will focus on “The Welfare of the Horse” this year.  All interested members of the horse community are encouraged to participate.

There are many federal issues that Congress deals with that impact the horse industry, including taxes, immigration, welfare, access to trails and public lands, diseases, and interstate and international movement of horses.  These issues affect horse owners, breeders and those who work in the industry whether they are in involved in racing, showing, recreation, or working horses.

“We want as many horse owners and members of the horse industry as possible to come to Washington and meet with their representatives, senators, and their staffs," said AHC president Jay Hickey. "We need to put a face on the $102 billion horse industry and the millions of Americans who are part of it. The most effective way to do that is through the voters, the horse people from back home who can tell Congress first-hand about the horse industry in their respective states and districts and the issues that impact them.

“You don’t have to attend the AHC Issues Forum to participate in the Ride-In,” added Hickey. “And you can discuss any issues you want.  If it is important to you and affects horses, bring it up, whether it is federal, state, or local.”

Individuals planning on participating in the Ride-In should make appointments with their Congressional offices as soon as possible. Contact information to schedule a meeting with one’s representatives and senators can be found at http://www.house.gov/  and http://www.senate.gov/.

Participants should explain they are constituents and let the office scheduler know what issues they want to talk about.

The AHC will conduct a free pre Ride-In briefing concerning federal issues impacting the horse industry June 17 at 8:30 A.M at the Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill.

Those who plan to participate in the Ride-in or want more information should contact AHC legislative director Ben Pendergrass at bpendergrass@horsecouncil.org or (202) 296-4031.