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Quality Road
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Quality Road Gallops: Foot Much Improved

Quality Road ’s quarter crack suffered in the Florida Derby (gr. I) is much improved, and the colt was out for a gallop Wednesday morning after having his hoof patched, said foot specialist Ian McKinlay.


“His foot was absolutely ice-cold this morning and I actually patched him today and put a drain in him," McKinlay said. "That thing looked perfect. He went to the track, galloped, came back and looked great. The drain leaves a tunnel right over top of where the crack is and where he bled the other day. So, if there was going to be any blood it would have a channel out. He galloped perfect and there was no blood when he came back. If the foot is cold tomorrow, it’s a done deal; it’s behind us. I asked Jimmy (trainer Jerkens) what his schedule was and he sounded like he’s ready to go. It looks like I got an easy one.”


Jerkens said he’s hoping to work Quality Road on Saturday, but may move it up to Friday if the weather doesn’t look promising.


“You always have to be guarded, but the patch went on there good, he galloped great, and he came back good," Jerkens said. "These things can be a little tricky, but Ian is really confident about it, which is good. He definitely ought to get going. I’d rather gallop him two more days and breeze on Saturday, but if Saturday is going to be nasty I wouldn’t hesitate doing it Friday.


“The horse has been so great. He’s been such a dream to train it’s unbelievable. He’s done everything so perfect. Sometimes he’s tough coming home a little bit, but he’s just being a colt. Around the barn and training he’ll do anything you want.”