Groups Attempt to Re-Brand British Racing

A radical re-branding of British racing is to be attempted by Racing Enterprises Limited, a partnership between the Horsemen’s Group and the Racecourse Association, in association with the British Horseracing Authority.
A £250,000 study by marketing consultants Harrison Fraser has identified plenty wrong with the current appeal of British racing to the general population.
They found that:
a) British racing lacks premium products.
b) British racing is not consumer centric and lacks appeal to new customers.
c) The language and traditions of racing are seen as significant barriers to new consumers but central to aficionados
d) British racing’s declining market share of the betting industry is a serious threat.
e) British racing lacks appeal to broadcasters, sponsors, and advertisers.
f) British racing is widely regarded as a dysfunctional family.
g) British racing lacks commercial marketing skills and experience.
h) There is a lack of leadership and vision.
i) British racing has low interest and saliency for occasional customers.
j) British racing is a peripheral activity in a highly competitive leisure center.
k) Many occasional racegoers are not the organizers of their trips.
l) There is considerable scope for increasing participation in race-going as a leisure activity.
m) Racing is not the main focus for casual racegoers.
n) British racing lacks compelling hooks, particularly for the online generation.
o) British racing is too complex for casual racegoers and flutterers (occasional bettors).
p) British racing is not famous and lacks profile.
The solutions have yet to be properly worked out, though Harrison Fraser has identified seven areas to work on.
1) Identifying the top fixtures and clarifying jockeys' and trainers' championships.
2) Brand identity and web portal.
3) Stakeholder engagement - getting everyone onside.
4) Betting and in-store communications - simplifying gambling.
5) The raceday experience - improving quality for spectators.
6) Internal and external PR assets - getting the celebrity factor.
7) Targeting the organizers of racing trips.
Committees have been established to look at each of these, then the money needs to be found for a multi-million-pound campaign.
Similar branding exercises have been tried before and failed but the organizers are more hopeful this time.