New Alliance Unites Horse Owners

United Organizations of the Horse unveils new website, states goals

(Edited press release)

In response to the growing number of public policy challenges facing American-based horses, their owners, and horse-related organizations, a diverse group of horsemen May 14 unveiled a new umbrella group: United Organizations of the Horse.

“We need a voice that is capable of coherently and articulately communicating to a misinformed and emotionally manipulated American public,” said Sue Wallis, a Wyoming state legislator and United Organizations of the Horse founder.

The United Organizations of the Horse seeks to unify all like-minded equine associations and individuals in support of its mission--to promote the humane care and management of horses, and the continued viability of the equine community in the United States of America.
The group is organizing around three pillars:

--The United Horsemen’s Front, already established as a non-profit 501(c)3. This pillar educates the public about the unwanted horse issue and seeks humane, realistic solutions. A new initiative will establish a nationwide rapid-response network of horse owners and others who can mobilize trailers, hay, feed, veterinary care, and additional support for law enforcement or other groups rescuing horses in crisis.

--The United Horsemen’s Alliance, a trade group serving as a national voice for horse owners’ concerns at the federal level. The Alliance is open to horse owners, equine professionals, breed registries, recreational groups, businesses, and others who share the United Organizations of the Horse’s core principles. This arm will also ensure that equine groups at the local, state, and regional levels have the resources they need to influence and address issues.

--The United Horsemen’s Political & Legal Action Fund, a future political action committee and legal defense fund, providing an effective, adequately-financed voice at the local, state, and federal legislative levels. It will also provide expert assistance for members facing court proceedings, and an avenue for initiating legal action.

--The United Organizations of the Horse is founded on the core beliefs that the humane care and management of horses is paramount; policy decisions should be based on sound science and guidelines developed by equine professionals; and policy should safeguard horse owners’ private property rights and options to the greatest extent possible.

--The United Organizations of the Horse leadership team includes current and former legislators at both the federal and state level; agricultural public policy experts; horse trainers; print and broadcast journalists; farmers and ranchers; representatives from tribal, breed, and horsemen’s associations; and celebrities from the world of country music and cowboy poetry.

Visit and its news/communications site,, to learn more about the group and an opportunity to actively participate in this alliance. The United Organizations of the Horse has scheduled its first annual Leadership Summit for June 14 in Washington, D.C., inviting anyone who adheres to its core principles to attend.