NTRA Establishes New Fund for Lobbying Effort

Replaces The Jockey Club's Foal Check-Off Program.

(Edited NTRA press release)

The National Thoroughbred Racing Association announced June 2 the establishment of “The Foal Fund” to support the Association’s federal lobbying efforts.

The fund complements the NTRA’s voluntary ¼% check-off program that enables buyers and sellers at major Thoroughbred auctions to support federal lobbying. According to a release from the NTRA, the Foal Fund provides owners and breeders who do not participate in auction sales an easier opportunity to contribute to lobbying efforts on issues including taxation, Internet gaming and immigration.

“Contributing to The Foal Fund is an easy way for horsemen to support proactive legislation on federal issues that matter to them,” said Peggy Hendershot, NTRA senior vice president of legislative affairs. “The Foal Fund will help maintain our industry’s presence on Capitol Hill and protect racing’s interests.”

The Foal Fund replaces the Foal Check-off program that concluded in 2008 and was administered by The Jockey Club. Starting this year, The Jockey Club has offered a new check-off program to support racehorse retirement, which is endorsed by the NTRA and its Safety and Integrity Alliance.

Contributions to The Foal Fund can be made online at www.TheFoalFund.com or via mail at The Foal Fund, 2525 Harrodsburg Rd., Suite 400, Lexington, Ky., 40504. All contributors are eligible to receive discounts on products and services through NTRA Advantage. Contributors may also submit photos of their foals for posting at TheFoalFund.com in the Foal Yearbook section of the site.