KHC Provides Unwanted Horse Solution

Organization to offer incentives for owners through geld voucher program.

(From the Kentucky Horse Council)

Indiscriminate breeding has widely been recognized as one contributing factor to the increasing numbers of unwanted horses. The Kentucky Horse Council is now offering incentives for responsible Kentucky horse owners to reduce the number of horses capable of reproduction through a geld voucher program.

The program is funded by SoHo (Save Our Horses), a tax deductible fund to support KHC Health and Welfare offerings. 

“Our responsibility in managing SoHo is to provide better alternatives for Kentucky’s at risk horses,” said Madelyn Millard, president of the KHC board. “Limiting the number of unqualified breeding colts and stallions in Kentucky is a giant step toward reducing the likelihood of crisis that many unwanted horses face.”

Eligible applicants may work directly with local veterinarians to schedule services. After service completion, the veterinarians are directly paid a portion of fees (up to $100 per horse not to exceed $250 per household for multiple horses).

“This program is a win-win for Kentucky horses because their owners will have access to affordable castration services and the horses will be seen by a local veterinarian,” Millard continued. “While onsite to perform the geld service, the veterinarian may also be able to provide the owner with information on up-to-date herd health management practices. Ultimately this may lead to an improved relationship between the equine veterinarian and their clientele.”

Geld voucher funding is available by advance application only to Kentucky residents with non-commercial operations. Restrictions and some limitations apply. All arrangements for castration services are the responsibility of the horse owner and should be made after application approval. 

More information including requirements, limitations, and a program application are available at or by contacting the Kentucky Horse Council at (859) 367-0509 or