Aug. 1 Deadline for Kentucky Incentive Fund

Mares must be registered for foals of 2010 to be eligible.

(Edited Kentucky Thoroughbred Breeders’ Incentive Fund release)

The Kentucky Thoroughbred Breeders’ Incentive Fund has announced an Aug. 1 registration deadline for mares covered in 2009. 

Breeders may register online by going to the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission Web site at and clicking on Breeders’ Incentive Fund no later than Aug. 1, 2009. The registration fee is $60.

To qualify for the program, the mare must have been covered by a Kentucky stallion and remain in Kentucky from the time of cover until foaling.  Registering the mares bred this year will allow the 2010 foal to be eligible for breeder incentive awards during the foals’ racing careers.  More than $15 million was awarded on 2008 races won by Kentucky-breds eligible for KBIF funds. 

Online registration instructions are available on the Web site as well as registration forms for breeders who prefer to pay by check. 

The KBIF was implemented in 2005 and since its inception, more than $40 million has been awarded to Thoroughbred breeders as an incentive to breed their mares in Kentucky and keep them in the state.